Canadian Jazz Icon

Strat Andriotis is a Greek-born Canadian-based guitarist who has been making waves in the jazz world with his original compositions and collaborations. He has released several albums that showcase his eclectic influences, ranging from Django Reinhardt to John McLaughlin, from classical music to rock.

Remember Me at Twilight

His latest album Remember Me At Twilight features jazz violin legend Jerry Goodman and saxophonist Aaron Heick, among others. The album takes the listener on a well-rounded jazz journey, with elements of gypsy jazz, neoclassical, and contemporary jazz. Strat’s guitar playing is virtuosic, expressive, and versatile, blending seamlessly with the other musicians.

Composer and Producer

He demonstrates his creativity and skill as a composer and producer, creating memorable melodies and rich harmonies. Remember Me At Twilight is a must-listen for fans of instrumental jazz guitar music that is fresh and innovative.